Indici Midnight Watch

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One Size - Grey Strap

A precious watch for every style, available in four different color in steel with IPRG plating on rose version. This fantastic watch with dial mop and hematite gemstone is available with blue cultured pearl dial, grey cultured pearl dial, black cultured pearl dial and light blue cultured pearl dial. All dial have a matching hematite gemstone pavè to complete the dial. The watches have grey or pink hands andblue, grey, black or light blue leather strap. The watch indicates the time on a 24-Hour basis (24-hour hand). All Bronzallure watches are produced according to highly professional technical criteria using materials qualitatively tested, even those more innovative. The Bronzallure watches are water resistant but diving or swimming is not recommended as it could lead to the deterioration of the strap and of the gaskets.

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