Congrats Pouch

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  • A recent grad, an A+ on an exam, a new home, the list goes on and on and on. Why not send a special little Congrats and let them know you are proud of them! These are Congrats cards that won't get read and then just tossed in the trash.

    Grey Dwarf Sugar Pea microgreens grow long and tall, unlike their namesake. Sugar Pea microgreens have strong root systems and are perfect for growing in soil. They have a crunchy sweet taste and are an excellent addition to a fresh salad, cheese plate, or stirfry.

    • Made with Certified Organic Microgreens
    • Packed by Hand in Vancouver, B.C.
    • Comes With:
      • Pouch Planter
      • Coir Growing Medium
      • Sugar Pea Microgreen Seeds
      • Mixing Stick
      • Instructions on How to Grow

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