Edge of the Earth Soap

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4 oz bars of cold process soaps handmade using sea water from the north atlantic ocean.

Birch & Berries

An enticing blend of fresh picked berries and birch with notes of spice and citrus.

Wild Rose & Cranberry

The perfect mix of floral and fruit. Fresh picked wild roses blended with the sweet and tart aroma of cranberries.

Forest Floor

For those who love the outdoors, you’re sure to love this scent. A blend of spruce, birch, wild flowers, berries and the earth blend together to give you the perfect aroma of a boreal forest.

Sailor’s Delight

A morning shower eye opener is what you get when you combine fresh citrus with just a hint of sea salt.

Labrador Current

A delightful ocean breeze combined with the salty seas of the cold north Atlantic.


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