Just Because Pouch

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  • The best surprises just show up, no birthday, no congratulations, no reason at all! Send a greeting card for no reason and make a special occasion out of nothing. The "Just Because" microgreen card just shows up, then grows up into delicious, organic curly cress microgreens. It's a surprise with a super sweet twist.

    Curly cress, or garden cress is a fast-growing, edible microgreen that is botanically related to watercress and mustard, sharing their peppery, tangy flavour and aroma.  These peppery flavoured beauties are a perfect addition to any salad, sandwich, or stirfry. Send one today (and then invite yourself for dinner). 

    • Made with Certified Organic Microgreens
    • Packed by Hand in Vancouver, B.C.
    • Comes With:
      • Pouch Planter
      • Coir Growing Medium
      • Cress Microgreen Seeds
      • Mixing Stick
      • Instructions on How to Grow

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